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这是一档前端程序员闲聊的播客《Web Worker 播客》。玩票的播客放大了我们的声音,所以如果你想表达技术观点、自荐作品、安利嘉宾请联系我,愿为作品推广尽绵薄之力~

No.32 Chatting with Vue Vine author Shen Qingchuan about technical document translation, frontend open source projects, and workplace insights.

No.32 Chatting about technical document translation, frontend open source projects, and career insights with Shen Qingchuan, the author of Vue Vine
No.32 Chatting about technical document translation, frontend open source projects, and career insights with Shen Qingchuan, the author of Vue Vine

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Front-end hosts: Xin Bao Otto, Xiao Bai Cabbage, Liu Wei Franky
Guest: Shen Qingchuan - ENFP Programmer Github shenqingchuan

Hello, friends! In this episode of the podcast, we invited the energetic Shen Qingchuan to chat about many topics, and we had a great time! We talked about Chinese technical document translation, technical output, and career thoughts, among other things. This podcast is a bit long, about 98 minutes (we don't know if the show is good, but it's definitely filling). We clarified a lot of things.

Especially in the second half, we talked about job hunting and career experiences, hoping to encourage many friends who are currently feeling down. If you are currently in a career slump or feeling low, we hope to bring you some strength.

Shen Qingchuan's desktop

"Web Worker" is an audio podcast program where several front-end programmers chat. The program will talk about anything related to web development, such as careers, information, and technology selection... As the hosts are front-end programmers, the perspective will be focused on the front-end.


01:18 Opening, we invited Shen Qingchuan this time

02:30 Shen Qingchuan's experience in getting started with translation work, Vue3 RFC/Vue3/Vite/Rollup, etc. Trying to introduce GPT/team collaboration, requiring long-term investment in maintenance and updates

09:20 How to ensure the Chinese documentation keeps up with updates and is reliable. Technical means and collaboration methods to ensure real-time updates of documentation. How do you feel about AI technologies such as GPT/Colipot that can handle tasks?

14:13 Technical translation pursues elegance and accuracy, such as Promise/Tree Shaking - removing unnecessary parts, the thinking behind it

15:20 How can beginners participate in translation work? What are some actionable solutions?

18:25 Discussing the feasibility of one-to-one correspondence between Chinese and English, for easy reference. Talked about the reading experience of Angular's documentation. The experience of using platform tools for translating documents

25:40 Does translating documents bring significant improvement? Do you make further modifications to the original document?

29:23 Will you continue to expand the scope of translation in the future? If you want to provide Chinese translation for a document, what advice and actions can be taken? Looking forward to more people participating in document translation and contributing more.

33:09 The story behind the translation collaboration team. Talked about the story and thoughts behind the paid Chinese documentation for Node.js, and the positive feedback from the efforts.

40:43 Interesting stories and inner feelings during the translation process.

42:49 Recently, we have been dealing with rich text editors. We mentioned slatejs / quill / prosemirror / tiptap, and currently working on HeteroDoc

47:24 Recently, we tried working on Vue-Vine, a new way to organize Vue SFC. From discussing the solution to considering the technology selection of Vue/React/Angular. Planning to discuss the technology selection and philosophical thinking of other languages in the future.

60:00 Introducing libraries related to AST AST-Grep. Also hoping to introduce and promote more technological products in the future.

78:00 How long has Shen Qingchuan been working? What has he been busy with recently? Any insights about the workplace and life. Shen Qingchuan was born in 1999, so young. Taking this opportunity, we hope to provide comfort and encouragement to many friends who are looking for jobs. It's not our own problem, maintaining a positive mindset is important.

83:00 How did Shen Qingchuan get started learning front-end? Any experiences from the past that can be shared with listeners.

93:24 Expectations for the future.

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