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这是一档前端程序员闲聊的播客《Web Worker 播客》。玩票的播客放大了我们的声音,所以如果你想表达技术观点、自荐作品、安利嘉宾请联系我,愿为作品推广尽绵薄之力~

No.38 Chatting with old friend Anthony Fu in the front-end industry about technology open source, collaborative construction, and front-end thinking.

New podcast episode is ready, we invited Anthony Fu, an old friend from the front-end community, to chat about open source technology, collaboration, and front-end thinking. We discussed Anthony's experiences with open source participation, technical thinking, requirement discovery and organization, open source community collaboration, full-time open source, front-end learning, and the future of front-end. The discussion was lively and we would like to thank everyone for their time, including Hai Shi, Shen Qingchuan, Kobe, and Xiaobai Cai.

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In this new podcast episode, we are fortunate to have Anthony Fu, also known as Antfu, an old friend from the front-end community, join us for a casual chat. We discussed Anthony's experiences with open source technology, technical thinking, requirement planning, open source community collaboration, full-time open source, front-end learning, and the future of front-end. The discussion was lively and we were joined by Hai Shi, Shen Qingchuan, and Kobe, who are previous guests on our podcast.

Host: Xin Bao Otto
Podcasters: Xiaobai Cai and Kai
Guests: Anthony Fu


Antfu's GitHub commit history

00:50 Opening and introduction of participants, invitation to Antfu for an interview on the podcast. Keywords mentioned: Vue, Vite, Nuxt, Vueuse,, vitest, unocss.
04:00 Antfu's speech at ViteConf 2023 on open source thinking: set theory. Introduction to the content in Chinese, first release on the internet. Reactions from the guests.
11:55 Q: How do open source projects like i18n/ni/unplugin evolve and how are they maintained? How are the ideas behind them generated? Any new ideas from yourself? How do you break down and plan the goals of a series of developments?
20:00 Q: How do you handle and break down complex problems or challenges when you feel lost or frustrated? Is there any mention of foundational knowledge beyond the points of interest? Extending the discussion to expert blind spots and the curse of knowledge. Do you worry about insufficient architectural capabilities when facing complex problems? Extending the guests' thoughts on Vue Vine. Respecting the suitable scenarios for JavaScript/TypeScript and addressing the complaints of Rust beginners.
34:00 How can you make open source projects more accessible and engaging for more people, besides submitting code to meet your own requirements?
39:00 What are the pressures in maintaining open source projects? How do you reject pull requests and handle user requests?
43:45 How can you maintain a collaborative atmosphere for developers in open source projects and attract more developers to participate? Contributors vs maintainers. Providing positive feedback to contributors and discussing recent thoughts on sponsorships for open source projects.
51:30 Casual chat during breaks, what do you usually work on with Vue/React?
52:40 How long have you been working as Antfu? What are you currently working on? The experience of working remotely full-time at NuxtLab, how do you allocate your energy? How do you manage GitHub notifications? Thoughts on the process of combining open source and AI features. How do you allocate and schedule your time in a day?
67:00 How does the changing global economic situation affect you? How do you view the current pessimistic views on programmers and front-end developers?
70:00 Study habits and development habits, building reserves and improving efficiency. How does Antfu explain his viewpoint of not studying and not knowing CSS well? The feeling of design literacy and how to improve aesthetics. It's not necessarily about learning first and then practicing.
77:00 Thoughts on using AI in front-end development, experiences and ideas with GitHub Copilot/ChatGPT.
80:00 Quick questions and answers from listeners, challenging tasks, internal control in open source, etc.
87:40 Do you prepare in advance when watching live broadcasts?
90:20 How do you view the future of front-end development? What about front-end and Rust? Do we need to learn Rust?
96:00 Advice for front-end students and newcomers to the field on learning and advancing.

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