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这是一档前端程序员闲聊的播客《Web Worker 播客》。玩票的播客放大了我们的声音,所以如果你想表达技术观点、自荐作品、安利嘉宾请联系我,愿为作品推广尽绵薄之力~

No.40 Hard Ground Hacker Anchor Guigui Talks about Technical Products, Personal Industry Experience, and Business Thinking

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The new episode of the Web Worker podcast is here! This time it's different because we participated in the Tech Podcast Festival, so this time we have a special guest. We successfully invited the host of "Hard Hacker" from YouTai to join us. We talked about the "Hard Hacker" program and Podwise, and discussed our personal industry experiences and business thinking about work and entrepreneurship. We, the hosts, found it very interesting! If you are interested in the thinking and practice behind business behavior, you must not miss this casual conversation!


00:40 This time we invited the host of "Hard Hacker", and introduced the guest and the Hard Hacker program.
03:00 The most impressive episode in the history of "Hard Hacker" is the introduction of Podwise in EP29 Three People, Three Months: Our First Work Podwise.
03:58 Introducing the features and thinking behind Podwise, as well as the hosts' user experience.
12:24 The current development, revenue, and future development expectations of Podwise.
14:58 Differences and practical experience between individual independent development and small team development when providing product services.
18:00 The adjustment, division of labor, problem-solving, and mindset adjustment among partners during the entrepreneurial stage.
29:08 Discussing the practice of development, sales, and marketing at Hard Hacker.
34:39 Discussing past entrepreneurial experiences and feelings with the guest, and discussing the differences between work and entrepreneurship.
47:58 Looking back at the highlights of the initial entrepreneurship and the rapid development of the Internet, and comparing the differences in the market now.
58:27 Discussing the potential growth curve at present: AI, everyone's respective practices and experiences.
81:00 Analyzing the effort behind distinguishing different voices in Podwise and the wonderful fate of a Google algorithm engineer.
84:42 A development model for independent developers: building in public, obtaining feedback and help from the community.
85:34 From work to entrepreneurship, what preparations have been made, and how has the mindset changed compared to joining the workforce?
98:19 Did you feel anxious during previous stages, and if so, how did you cope with and alleviate the anxiety?
104:23 Regarding the current employment situation and industry development, what experiences can be shared with listeners who have just entered the workforce?

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