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No.48 and Astro Maintainer Rui Fengkupu Astro Usage Experience, Participation in Open Source, and Growth Insights


Li Ruifeng


This time we invited Astro Maintainer Ruifeng to join the chat and discuss his experience in maintaining and using Astro, bringing a lot of knowledge and popular science. We discussed participation in open source, embracing open source, and the joy of participating in open source collaboration.

If you want to know what Astro is, how to use it, how to participate in documentation maintenance, and how to participate in open source, don't miss it!


This episode introduces the Astro framework and its features, the usage scenarios and technical details of plugins.

Astro is a meta-framework that can seamlessly migrate to various frontend frameworks and components, and provides a large ecosystem based on MD encoding and various frameworks.

The Astro framework is used to build static websites and dynamic interactive applications, with flexibility and scalability. Plugins provide excellent pure document rendering and some interactive capabilities.

The program also discusses the structure and governance rules of open source organizations and projects, as well as how to participate in open source projects and encourage continuous advancement.

It introduces the methodology and writing techniques for technical documentation, as well as the problems and challenges in the frontend ecosystem.

Participation in open source can bring satisfaction, enrich the spiritual world, and broaden skills and horizons. For frontend programmers, participating in open source is an important ability.



01:05 Opening, this time we invited Ruifeng, this is Ruifeng's basic introduction, the impressions of the hosts on Ruifeng

04:59 What is Astro? It is a frontend development framework with some highlights and advantages, and is good at application scenarios

08:52 Mentioning Astro, we can't avoid the island architecture. What does the island architecture mean?

11:22 Xinbao tries to review the basic concepts of Astro. Astro is a standard web framework and a technology-stack-independent Vite project, suitable for content-driven websites.

13:33 How do you feel about using Astro? What are the application scenarios?

16:10 How does Astro support and integrate with Vue? The concept of Astro integration. How about Astro integrating React and Vue? Is it easy to migrate existing projects?

33:10 Why is Astro so fast? How does the island architecture achieve this?

40:12 Ruifeng is involved in maintaining Astro documentation on a daily basis. He is a core contributor to Astro, an Astro evangelist. How does he feel? How does Astro maintain open source and the community?

46:36 Compared with the episode on Electron, how is excellent open source collaboration carried out, and how to attract and motivate contributors.

51:16 How to try to participate in open source, the different feelings of novices and experienced developers. Starting with correcting typos, understanding open source and participating in open source.

57:36 If I want to participate in Astro documentation maintenance and submit a PR, what should I do? Ruifeng personally guides.

01:00:13 It is inevitable to mention the great work done on Astro Docs. The atmosphere of document collaboration is particularly good, with interesting viewpoints and stories behind it. Special attention is paid to document construction. What are the practical implementations?

01:07:13 How to organize technical documentation? Xinbao mentioned the knowledge points he learned: Guide / Doc / Playground / Reference

01:14:04 Summary of the first part
01:14:36 Ruifeng's daily routine in open source, what he is busy with every day. Created a public account called SayHub.
01:15:57 Chat about Deno releasing a new thing called JSR, what is it and what is it used for?

01:21:18 Ruifeng has a wide and deep technology stack. How does he achieve this? Proficient in Node.js/Golang/Deno, etc.

01:24:05 Ruifeng's work, daily life, and hobbies. Both work and hobbies involve coding.

01:25:09 Is work meaningful? Through participating in open source outside of work, gain satisfaction and enrichment.

01:26:29 What advice does Ruifeng have for students and young frontend beginners?


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