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No.26 Chatting with Electron Core Developers about Technology Open Source, Pitfalls, and Front-end Insights

No.26 Chatting about technology open source, pitfall experience and front-end insights with Electron core developer Black-Hole
No.26 Chatting about technology open source, pitfall experience and front-end insights with Electron core developer Black-Hole

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Hosts: Xinbao Otto, Xiaobaicai

Guest: Black-Hole

A new episode of the podcast is here! In this episode, we invited Black-Hole, a core developer of Electron, to talk about the story behind Electron, which has been open source for ten years, as well as his insights on front-end learning and experiences in open source.


"Web Worker" is an audio podcast where a group of front-end programmers chat. The program will discuss various topics related to programmers, such as the workplace, news, and technology selection... Anything related to web development can be discussed. Because the hosts are front-end programmers, they will approach the topics from a front-end perspective.

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03:15 Have you used Electron? What are its use cases?

05:00 Introduction to Electron, its use cases, and similar competitors like QT and Tauri

08:45 What does the Electron team mainly do? Why is there a new release every four weeks? The mandatory requirements of the Microsoft Store. Considerations for build size.

11:20 What is the team behind Electron like after ten years of open source? The composition and division of work in the Work Group. Internal communication currently uses Slack, as well as Discord/WeChat groups/QQ groups. Introduction to the Electron China team.

19:30 There are many well-known products developed based on Electron, such as the recent Tencent QQ. Considerations for technology selection using Electron and QT, as well as tips for feature trimming.

24:10 Many reasons why Electron continues to be popular. Recommended reading of official documentation and APIs, quick start with Fiddle. Learning paths that can be chosen. Packaging with Electron Builder and Forge, sharing of related pitfalls and experiences.

31:40 Tips for using Electron for users in China.

36:25 Attention to developers working on Electron recently, no support for Windows 7/8/8.1 and the long-lasting impact. Reasons behind it and the choices made by Microsoft and Google.

43:30 Met Black-Hole through DocsChina, responsible for translating some weekly articles and being the maintainer of pnpm/electron documentation translation.

45:55 Golang is more comfortable to use than js/ts.

47:00 How do you allocate your energy when deeply involved in open source? How did you get started? Curiosity, persistence, problem-driven. Insights gained from the review process.

51:40 Insights from a former front-end developer, the detours and experiences along the way. Reading books > watching videos, thinking more. Getting involved in open source, participating in code reviews. Starting with small codebases, writing common methods by hand. Recommended books: "Understanding ES6" and "JavaScript: The Definitive Guide".

58:00 We can continue to talk with Black-Hole about pnpm v8 and monorepo-related topics in the future.

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