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Web Worker - 前端程序员都爱听的播客

这是一档前端程序员闲聊的播客《Web Worker 播客》。玩票的播客放大了我们的声音,所以如果你想表达技术观点、自荐作品、安利嘉宾请联系我,愿为作品推广尽绵薄之力~

No.29 Chatting about Front-end Spring Festival Gala: What are the abilities and new ideas of Vercel Ship 2023?

No.29 Chatting about Frontend Spring Festival Gala Vercel Ship 2023 What Abilities and New Thinking
No.29 Chatting about Frontend Spring Festival Gala Vercel Ship 2023 What Abilities and New Thinking

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Frontend Anchors: Xinbao Otto, Liu Wei Franky, Xiaobaicai
Guest: Full Stack Guru Shan Yue

A new episode of the podcast is here! In this episode, we invited the long-lost returning guest Shan Yue to chat about Vercel Ship 2023. Will the fresh and hot platform capabilities affect the development of frontend? What new abilities are there? What are the application scenarios? Do we need to use them? How do we consider the selection and comparison of usage? All the thoughts on Vercel's new capabilities are here!

The recording and release of the program are on the last day of the conference. With the passage of time, some platform capabilities and perspectives will also change. Look at this interesting conference with a changing perspective.

"Web Worker" is an audio podcast program where a few frontend programmers chat. The program will chat about the programmer's field, workplace, information, technology selection... Anything related to web development can be discussed. Because the anchors are frontend programmers, they will approach it from a frontend perspective.


00:56 opening We invited returning guest Shan Yue to chat about Vercel Ship 2023 and its new features
02:30 Vercel conferences that happen every year, maybe we can also discuss developer conferences like vue/react/vite/sevete conf in the future
03:27 Day 1 theme Storage. Mentioned Vercel KV/Vercl Blob/Vercl Postgres/Edge Config
19:19 Day 2 theme Security. Mentioned Vercel Secure Compute and Vercel Firewall, also briefly mentioned Authentication/Monitoring/Audits
26:25 Day 3 theme: Collaborate. Mentioned Visual Editing and Vercel Spaces
32:55 Day 4 theme Dynamic Next.js v13.4 related. App Router/Server Actions/Turbopack, related concept Server Component, frontend SSR, PHP's historical reappearance.
39:15 Day 5 theme Ecosystem. Mentioned Auth related Clerk and Vercel running Nuxt3
42:00 After listening to the content of the five days, how do the anchors and guests feel? Serverless/ Vercel's positioning/ Cooperation with different service providers/ Vercel's talent pool and technical output/ Which scenarios of Vercel need to be used/ Will there be high migration costs/ Can APIs be reused/ MVP rapid validation/ Specifying standards through APIs like S3/ How to seriously consider SQL writing styles like PHP/ Looking forward to the best practices of Vercel in real scenarios

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