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No.30 and Vue core team member sxzz discuss front-end learning, participation in open source, and Vue3.3.

Listen to "Chatting with sxzz about Frontend" by, released on May 24, 2023 at 8:00 AM Beijing time.

Hosts: Xinbao Otto, Liuwei Franky, Xiaobaicai
Guest: Youngest Vue Core Team Member sxzz@twitter

In this episode, we are fortunate to have sxzz, also known as Zhizijun, join us for a chat! Zhizijun is a young open-source enthusiast. We will discuss his journey from being a user to a maintainer of various technologies, as well as his recent experiences with the Vue v3.3 update. Zhizijun will also share his thoughts on learning frontend development and his experiences in the open-source world.


Zhizijun's workspace


Zhizijun's cat

"Web Worker" is an audio podcast where a group of frontend programmers chat about various topics related to web development, including career, news, and technology choices. The hosts approach these topics from a frontend perspective.


01:45 Introduction of the guest, sxzz@github, a third-year student who is actively involved in the open-source community, particularly in projects related to Vue, Vite, and Vueuse.

02:30 Discussion about sxzz's involvement in the open-source community, starting from his contributions to the element-plus project. The hosts also talk about the new features in Vue 3.3, such as defineOptions.

09:45 Mention of the recent updates in Vue 3.3, with sxzz sharing his firsthand experiences and recommendations, including the use of Vue Macros. More details can be found in the article Vue 3.3 Major New Features Explained. The hosts also mention the defineModel, defineOptions, defineSlots, generic components, and importing external types features, with a reference to a live stream recording on Bilibili for a step-by-step implementation.

16:55 Discussion about importing external types, with Xinbao mentioning an issue related to importing types for defineProps in Vue 3.2. The hosts share interesting development details behind this topic.

22:00 The hosts discuss various updates in Vue 3.3 and their experiences with Vue + TypeScript development, including the history of class-component and decorator usage. They also mention Vue Macros and Vue 2.7.

29:00 Vue Macros is described as a fast experimental field for features that may not be officially adopted by Vue. The hosts discuss some features that have not been absorbed by Vue officially and talk about modifying and updating prop values. They also mention the future plans and updates for Vue Macros, including continued support for Reactivity transform.

37:35 Discussion about the Elk project, including its technology stack, product design ideas, and current features.

42:45 Xinbao asks about sxzz's current projects and new ideas. They express their anticipation for sxzz's interesting technical contributions in the web3 + Vue field.

43:00 Discussion about open-source, including the challenges and different ways of participating. They question whether pushing code to GitHub counts as open-source contribution and emphasize the various dimensions of involvement.

48:00 The hosts ask sxzz about his typical day, how he manages his time and energy. They also talk about his initial experiences and motivation in learning programming, with games being a major driving force. They encourage sxzz to share his experiences and lessons learned in the frontend field, driven by personal interests.

55:00 Discussion about future plans and expectations. They mention the planning of Vapor Mode and share sxzz's experiences and insights from attending the Vue Conf conference in Amsterdam. They express their positive experiences with offline events and suggest the possibility of organizing offline meetups and workshops for Web Worker. They also mention the upcoming "Summer of Open Source Promotion Program" in Hangzhou and encourage more students to participate in open-source projects.

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