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这是一档前端程序员闲聊的播客《Web Worker 播客》。玩票的播客放大了我们的声音,所以如果你想表达技术观点、自荐作品、安利嘉宾请联系我,愿为作品推广尽绵薄之力~

No.31 Testing New Series Column! Sharp Review 01 Copilot Chat & Copilot Labs

No.31 Experimental New Series Column! Sharp Review 01 Copilot Chat & Copilot Labs
No.31 Experimental New Series Column! Sharp Review 01 Copilot Chat & Copilot Labs

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Front-end hosts: Cabbage, Otto, Franky

A new episode of the podcast is here! In this episode, we are trying out a new series called Sharp Review. The content of this episode is Copilot Chat && Copilot Labs.

The core of the Sharp Review series revolves around the technical aspects of front-end development for front-end programmers. This includes but is not limited to evaluating and discussing technical aspects such as updates to front-end technologies, new frameworks and libraries, and development (debugging tools, etc.) that are relevant to front-end programmers. The discussion is focused solely on the technology itself and does not involve individuals or companies. Discussions are usually based on topics that accumulate 2-3 or have a duration of 15-30 minutes.


"Web Worker" is an audio podcast program where a few front-end programmers chat. The program will chat about the field of programmers, workplace, information, technology selection... Anything related to web development can be discussed. Because the hosts are front-end programmers, the perspective will be focused on the front-end.


00:00 opening Let's talk about Copilot Chat && Copilot Labs together in this episode
01:50 Basic introduction of Copilot Chat
02:30 The predecessor of Copilot Chat, Copilot
02:50 Review of Tabnine, IntelliCode, IntelliCode API Usage
04:10 Otto recalls advocating for writing code directly without using prompt tools when starting out
04:45 Using Copilot to directly generate code for managing backends in extreme situations, reducing CRUD work
05:50 Otto's new coding habits with the assistance of Copilot
06:30 Introduction to the features of Copilot Chat.
07:50 Franky mentions a minor issue with Copilot-like assistant plugins
10:00 Cabbage introduces the advantages of using Copilot Chat over ChatGPT-like tools
11:08 Discussing the current debugging issues and accuracy of generated code in Copilot
11:45 Discussing specific use cases and language environments for Copilot
13:50 The hosts find it very useful without designing business scenarios
14:50 Otto introduces Copilot Labs, which includes code unit test generation, code optimization, and code conversion to another language.
17:50 Comparing Copilot Chat and Copilot Labs
18:15 Discussing the feasibility of TDD and how to achieve unit test coverage
22:25 Introducing the eligibility and application process for the two plugins
23:00 The hosts rate the two plugins

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