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No.34 Chatting with Suizui about independent development, paid works, and front-end development experience.

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Chatting about independent development, paid works, and front-end development pitfalls with Hesuiyi
Chatting about independent development, paid works, and front-end development pitfalls with Hesuiyi


Front-end hosts: Xinbao Otto, Xiaobaicai Cabbage

Guest: Hesuiyi

The new episode of the podcast is here! In this episode, we invited Hesuiyi to chat with us about the journey of independent development, experiences and pitfalls in independent development, and expectations for the future life we aspire to. We welcome more friends who are interested in earning income independently through technology to participate in the interaction.



02:25 opening, this time we invited Hesuiyi to join us, talking about what he is currently working on and his work status. Currently, he is mainly focusing on coding, and he has more than 70 ideas that he wants to implement, and he has implemented more than a dozen of them, so there is always something to do.
05:30 What works and technical outputs has he done? Accumulated open source templates, etc., utools Todo, FnMap - VS Code Plugin.
09:40 Continuously improving his own templates during the development process, which is equivalent to quickly entering project development, like dogFood, starting from accepting orders and continuously improving. Analyzing the journey from accepting orders to becoming a freelancer.
16:30 Regarding the mentality of slacking off at work, Hesuiyi focuses more on improving his own abilities and accumulating problem-solving skills.
20:10 What are the features and payment points of his paid work Todo? Behind the scenes, the thinking and iterative planning, paid membership system, why start from the utools platform.
38:00 How is the current payment income? From cold start to current status. Optimistic about continuous income in the future?
41:00 What operational and promotional methods have been practiced for the new product's cold start, and what are the results?
51:40 How long has Hesuiyi been working? What interesting stories have he had in the past? Whether it is feasible to register a company in order to get paid, can be discussed in detail later.
59:30 How is the current income distribution? What is the mentality like? Any experience in overcoming obstacles.
66:28 How was the pricing strategy determined? What experiences, especially for the situation in China.
69:47 What are the future product plans? The thinking behind the product matrix. Advocating a small and beautiful rapid launch method, being cautious about high input and low output products.
80:00 Choosing open source licenses, recent feelings about open source and working hours, whether to fight or ignore trolls. Preparations for independent development.

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