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No.41 Chatting with Evan You, the author of Vue.js & Vite, about project progress, open source community collaboration, and front-end thinking.

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This podcast is a content created for the #2023 Tech Podcast Festival. From December 4th to 8th, we will bring you 8 to 11 episodes around a theme. For more details, you can also follow the official website at, or search "2023 Tech Podcast Festival" on WeChat official account, Jike, or X, and we welcome everyone to pay more attention and connect with us!

A new episode of the podcast is here, and this time we have some amazing guests! We invited Evan You, who we've been longing for, to join the conversation. We also invited Zhizi, a member of the Vue core team, and Shen Qingchuan, who is responsible for maintaining the Chinese documentation of Vue/Vite, to join the discussion.

We discussed recent technical changes in Vue.js/Vite, open source community maintenance, and the future development of front-end. We also talked about some light-hearted topics, such as:
How does Evan feel about being called "You Da" and "Ancestor"?
What does the mysterious number on yyx990803's GitHub profile mean?
What are the plans for Vue 4?
Are there any plans for retirement in the future?
Should we use Copilot when writing Vue?
How to take care of your hairline and other non-technical topics.


Evan's desktop


00:25 opening, Xinbao, Xiaobaicai, Kaiyi, and Smart invited Zhizi, Shen Qingchuan, and Evan You.
01:55 Evan's self-introduction and online presence.
02:55 Zhizi and Shen Qingchuan's impressions of meeting Evan offline: easygoing!
04:08 Quick review of the experience of transitioning from Vue 2 to Vue 3.
12:12 Quick review of the changes and prospects of Vite in the past year.
19:31 Discussing the future version iteration plan of Vue, the plan for Vapor Mode, and thoughts on the rapid changes in the front-end. Sharp comments!
29:24 Discussing the differences between open source community and enterprise development, project iteration, and the differences in dealing with business and infrastructure.
31:38 How is the collaboration in the Vue.js & Vite open source community? Discussing the number of issues and PRs, the number of participants and activity, release iterations, etc.
44:34 How can open source enthusiasts make their projects more popular and attract more contributors? How can open source enthusiasts contribute? Let's talk about those hidden contributors.
52:10 Vue & Vite and other open source projects are widely used. Do you feel a sense of responsibility and pressure in maintaining them? Evan and Zhizi have different feelings about this.
54:26 In the process of development and maintenance, when certain large companies or large projects choose to use Vue & Vite, do you still feel inspired and excited?
55:36 How does Evan allocate his energy between Vue and Vite?
56:49 Rolldown and Rspack have collaborated in the Rust toolchain. How do you view Rust, its future, and its relationship with the front-end?
61:36 Besides Node.js, we can now choose Deno, Bun, etc. How does Evan view the changes in the JavaScript ecosystem? Sharp comments!
68:30 How does Vue and native development fit together? Will you take action? Evan mentioned solutions like NativeScript and Ionic.
69:09 The competition among front-end frameworks, including meta frameworks. How does Evan view the competition in the front-end technology stack and predict its future evolution? Sharp comments!
82:43 How does Evan take care of his appearance and hair? Evan also has his own worries.
83:37 Stage summary and review.
84:24 Have you attended offline technical gatherings around the world this year? How was the experience?
87:28 How does Evan balance work and life, and does he feel tired? Does he have work-life balance?
68:22 Are the previous guests of the Web Worker podcast, such as Zhizi, Shen Qingchuan, Kobe, Baiwu, etc., very impressive? How do you feel?
90:19 What has Evan been busy with recently? What technologies is he learning? Rust! Do we need to learn Rust?
94:03 How does Evan view large models? Does he use them often? How does he feel about them?
98:13 After maintaining Vue for nearly ten years, how does one maintain enthusiasm for programming? How do you protect your energy and adjust your mental state?
103:42 How do you view the mentality of feeling overwhelmed by the fast development of front-end and the big changes in Vue 4?
104:33 There is a mysterious number in Evan's GitHub ID. What does it mean? It's definitely not his birthday!
104:51 What advice do you have for students and junior front-end developers among the listeners? How can they become stronger?
108:34 How does Evan view different nicknames like "Teacher You," "You Da," and "Ancestor"? Is he happy about it? After listening to this, you will feel that Evan is very serious and sincere.

About the "2023 Tech Podcast Festival"#

Originating from the dreamlike collaboration between tech podcasts in the midsummer of 2022, we felt the power of community creation and collaboration. This year, we are even more determined. We have gathered 30+ podcasts, 5 major producers, and 20+ communities, hoping to bring together more content creators in the tech ecosystem to express themselves through sound, build their own technical influence, and promote the construction of user communities with higher stickiness, deeper connection, and lasting resonance.

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