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No.42 and AnnatarHe from AsyncTalk discuss AI Prompt, Copilot, and various experiences of pitfalls in front-end development.

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This episode is a program of the #2023 Tech Podcast Festival. It mainly discusses AI, Copilot, Next.js, and cross-platform technologies in collaboration with the WebWorker podcast and the Async Talk podcast. The content is relatively long but also interesting.


Welcome everyone to also listen to the program of Async Talk.





Memorable Quotes#

AnnatarHe: When Copilot helps us, does my thinking have any value?

Kaiyi: 50% of my daily work is completed by Copilot.


00:30 Recap of OpenAI's conference

07:13 Prompt management and debugging may not be that easy

21:01 Copilot is selling itself short for $10

37:50 Next.js's new Server Component has a significant impact

55:59 Are mini-programs really effective?

63:28 Foreigners also have super apps

72:59 Electron needs good public relations

86:17 Happiness comes to an abrupt end, see you next time

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