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No.46 What were the popular trends among players in the international front-end server in 2023?


What technology stack did foreign front-end developers use in the past year of 2023? What are the trends in front-end development in 2024?

The 2023 JavaScript Rising Stars survey project provides an answer by summarizing the growth of GitHub open source projects' star count related to front-end development over the past year.

As domestic front-end developers, we may be unfamiliar with some projects and curious about them. This time, we had a chat with Teacher Hai, Brother Chuan, and Smart, to see what projects are out there and what interesting stories are behind them!

Welcome to the 8th edition of JavaScript Rising Stars, where you can see the trends of the JS ecosystem in 2023.
Let's see how the set of UI components you copied and pasted is sweeping the world.



00:00 Fastest-growing front-end open source projects in JavaScript in 2023

Introducing the fastest-growing front-end open source projects and their growth in 2023. In this phase, we discussed the trends in the front-end field, the emergence of new technology products, and the development direction of the front-end ecosystem.

07:47 Development and trends of front-end component libraries

Introducing the development trends of front-end component libraries, with a focus on "shandcn," and introducing the concept and technology of headless UI. The discussion also involves the unified trend of the CSS ecosystem, as well as the customization capabilities and application scenarios of headless UI.

19:47 Trends analysis of front-end development tools

Analyzing the popularity trends of front-end development tools on the international server and the characteristics of some excellent tools. This includes a comparison between "Bun" and Node.js, as well as their advantages in terms of functionality, performance, and ecosystem. In addition, the application and growth trends of tools such as handwritten drawing virtual whiteboard "excalidraw" and "TLdraw" are introduced. Finally, "Next.js" is mentioned as a framework based on React that is widely used and popular in front-end development. Next.js, as an alternative to React, has become the development standard on the international server.

"Supabase" is an alternative to Firebase, providing backend service development and hosting capabilities, and it also has certain applications in China.

39:31 One difference between foreign international services and domestic services

This article discusses the growth of the React framework in the past year and its influence in international services. The characteristics and development of the "tarui" framework and the "drizzle ORM" framework are introduced. In addition, the retro style of the "HTMLX" framework and the author's activities in promoting the framework are mentioned.

54:26 Top fifteen popularity and trend analysis of open source projects


This article introduces the growth trends and related content of the top fifteen projects on the popularity chart of open source projects. Among them, React is the undisputed number one with its huge volume and ecosystem. Following closely behind are HTMX and Vue 3, which have certain competitiveness in terms of choice and ecosystem. In addition, Svelte and Million have also received attention, especially Million, which achieves better performance than Solid through optimization solutions and is worth paying attention to.

65:45 Overview of the ecosystem of front-end frameworks and build tools

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