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How to import an ics calendar file into the calendar on WeChat.

How to import an ics calendar file received on WeChat into your calendar

Many people are accustomed to using the calendar function to schedule their activities. Due to the relatively closed ecosystem of WeChat, here is a guide on how to import an ics file received on WeChat into your own calendar.

Currently, Web Worker and guest recordings are completed through Tencent Meeting. During the appointment stage, we will send appointment information and an ics calendar file to participants, as shown in the figure below.

If you want to automatically import the ics file into your own calendar, you can do the following.

Overall, it is relatively simple for iOS/MacOS.

Here are the instructions for different platforms:

  • Apple Mac computer MacOS
  • Windows computer
  • WeChat on Android
  • WeChat on iOS

Apple Mac computer MacOS#

The connection between Apple Mac computers and the calendar is very smooth. When you receive an ics file, right-click it, go to "Open With" and select "Calendar" to import it into the built-in calendar.

The effect is as follows:



To be improved for computers.

WeChat on Android#

For WeChat on Android, taking Xiaomi as an example, Xiaomi comes with its own calendar. Open the ics file and select "Open with other apps" and choose the calendar.

Note: When importing the calendar for the first time, you need to authorize the calendar app to read files globally. Please select "Calendar" in the pop-up window and authorize it to read storage.


After that, click on the calendar again, select "Import" and it will be imported. The effect is as follows:


iOS mobile phone#

To be improved.

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